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Moucharabiya Large Screen with 3 Posts - Black

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This weekend we're offering for a limited time only, two of our best selling 16mm large Moucharabiya Screens with 3 posts!

The Moucharabiya is the perfect outdoor screen to add style and privacy to your garden. Inspired by the traditional design of windows seen in Arabic architecture, it will provide a beautiful addition to your garden.

How many posts will I receive?

You will receive 3 x full height (6ft) black posts with this bundle.


No, we cannot stand DIY products where you have to buy multiple complicated add ons like post caps, base plates or screws. If you order our posts you will get everything you need to finish your project. Simple.


No, not at all. We designed them for people like ourselves. We are not hardcode fencing enthusiasts. We just happen to like beautiful screens. All you need to do is slide the screens into the purpose-built channels and you are pretty much done. Of course, you are welcome to call us at any point and we can walk you through installation.

Can I paint them?

Yes, absolutely! However, they will lose their "zero maintenance" aspect once you paint them, as they will need ongoing painting, as all painted products outside do!

Can I cut them to size?

Yes, all of our composite screens and aluminium posts can be cut to fit any area. The internal material itself is totally weatherproof, so cutting them to size will not affect their longevity outdoors.

Why choose the Moucharabiya screen?

The Moucharabiya recalls the bygone mystery of hidden gardens through a modern garden feature. It allows you to create a secluded area in your garden, whilst letting though an abundance of light. This can be of real importance if you live in a built-up area and you wish your garden to be a private, intimate space.

With the Moucharabiya you can also conceal utility areas or disguise fencing or brickwork that may distract from the garden experience you are looking to create.

What are the screens made of?

Weatherproof composite. Tried and tested for rainy weather conditions. Enjoy this garden screen for years to come. This screen has been extensively treated to protect them from UV rays and submerged them in water for long periods of time to ensure that they do not warp or get damaged when damp. Made from advanced wood composite, you will enjoy your privacy screen for years to come.

What are the posts made of?

Our posts are made of the most durable aluminium and expertly powder coated so you can be sure they look beautiful and rust-proof for years to come. Like all our products, they are zero maintenance. If you get any mess on them, simply hose down and they will be back in pristine conditions.


  • 1800mm x 900mm - 16mm thick large screen
  • Post height: 190cm; Width: 7cm; Baseplate dimensions: 12cm x 12cm

Key Benefits

  • Elegant and stylish, the Moucharabiya is the centrepiece attraction that your garden deserves
  • Vertically or horizontally, you can orientate the garden screen however you see fit
  • Every product is UV treated to prevent it from weathering
  • Multiple installation options
  • Our products are made from wood composite, so you can be confident that they're eco-friendly, easy to maintain and weather resistant

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