About us

Screen With Envy was born of a desire to have beautiful, durable garden screening.

Like many Londoners we lived in a flat that was overlooked by over ten separate sets of neighbours.

In 2015 we were thrilled to be granted planning permission, with our neighbour, to extend both our properties (by a minute amount!) but quickly realised there was a problem. The council had stipulated certain elements that meant we both had far less privacy from each other than before.

We immediately started to look for stylish and affordable garden screening ideas but came up with nothing. The best we could hope for were expensive wood options which would quickly age, warp and tire in the UK weather conditions.

Frustrated we decided to design our own. We decided to produce modern privacy screening that reflected interior design trends, but for the garden.

We researched every material possible and quickly fell in love with wood composite. It had the look and feel of a wood product, but the durability of plastic. It performed amazingly in the UK weather conditions. We tested our initial product by leaving it outside all winter and could not notice any change after 6 months.

Quickly neighbours and friends started to request similar privacy screens for their own gardens. Either for use as privacy screens, outside feature walls, garden art or trellises.

Now we offer UK wide next day shipping and are thrilled to share our beautiful gardening screening idea with the whole country.